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Terisa Griffin
-Better love yourself
Teresa Griffin 2_edited.jpg

"Thank you so much for your love and your dedication to greatness! I am so excited for you and your daughter"

- Terisa Griffin

Yvette J. Moyo
-Real Men Cook charities
Yvette Moyo - Real Men Cook Charities, C

"Great Big Hat day at The Quarry Event Center."

- Yvette J. Moyo

Kristle and Kerese Millen
-I am you are perfectly imperfect
Kristine and Kerese Millens.jpg

"Thank you for allowing us to be a part of something so phenomenal."

- Kristle and Kerese Millen

Dr. Carol L. Adams
-President Urban Perspectives, scholar
Dr. Carol L. Adams

"Aziza, Thank you so much for the honor of being awarded at your inaugural Big Hat event." 

- Dr. Carol L. Adams

Traci King
-the studio. North Carolina
image stylist, makeup/hair artist
Traci King - image stylist, makeup artis

"This is how women of power show up in your life and plant seeds."

- Traci King

Muhjah McCaskill
Muhjah and friend_edited.jpg

It was truly an honor to be recognized as a women making moves and “Wearing Big Hats” in the community! I thank Aziza Lisa for appreciating the work we do! It’s truly a lot of work but such a blessing to see the lives we change and be recognized for it! And to be honored with these wonderful women, it’s truly a blessing! Black Girls Shake Things Up All The Time! Let’s get it!

Tammera L. Holmes
-Aerostar Avion Institute
Tammera L. Holmes -Aerostar Avion Instit

"It was a great event. Honored to be a part of the beginning of a beautiful thing."

-Tammera L. Holmes

Leah Hicks
-Hicks Foundation
Leah Hicks - Hicks Foundation_edited.jpg

"Lets keep lifting, loving, praying, sharing, our BIGG WearingBig Hats Hats with one another."

- Leah Hicks

Afrika Porter
affectionately known as Sister Afrika
-Activist, tv/radio Correspondent 
Afrika colorful.jpg

"Love you Aziza Lisa and as always, thank you for having me and I love the concept behind Wearing Big Hats!!!
Love you Sis!!"

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