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Wearing BIG Hats

What we are about

Wearing Big Hats  is a non profit organization developed by founder and executive director, Aziza Lisa with a mission to create solutions that will empower communities through education, philanthropy and community service. 


We offer programs in film and media education, culinary culture, self care, home care, Motherhood, sewing and reading/literacy.


We also have events that help to empower the community.  Our Vision Board Party offers motivation and direction in goal planning.  Our Women's empowerment tea is aimed at building closer ties between women of all ages while sharing conversation, wisdom and activities that build self esteem and encourage.  And our Awards - Fashion gala was designed to recognize people and nonprofit organizations that are doing 'Big Things' or 'Wearing Big Hats' in the community by giving back.  We also use this event to raise funds to financially help one of the organizations being honored.


The idea for the name 'Wearing BIG Hats' was born out of a tea party that my daughter and I put together years ago for my Grandmother (who at the time was 98), may she rest in power. The ladies in our family were invited to Grandmother's house - for tea, food and wisdom, shared by the elders in the family.   Since we come from a line of Women who love hats and who wear many hats, with my Mother being the true 'Hat Diva'; owning too many hats to count and balancing more responsibilities than the average person, we asked everyone to wear a hat. 


The Women in our family have played a big role in solidifying good values, principals and shaping good character in us, for us to stand on and grow from.  

I thought of the name 'Wearing Big Hats' as the name for the tea party that metaphorically encompassed what the tea party would represent.  


Since that tea party years ago, the name Wearing Big Hats stayed with me and the purpose began to flourish into something much bigger for me; I began to envision an organization that would recognize (women and men) who are Wearing Big Hats in the community and making a difference in the lives of others.


I became driven on a mission.  What started as a family event to honor the matriarchs in our family, years later had evolved in my mind to include honoring and helping many others through our non profit organization 'Wearing Big Hats' whose purpose is not only to honor others giving back to the community, but also to offer programs that build and strengthen our youth and adults in the community, giving them skills and education that will empower them and motivate them to do great things. 

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